So, I just saw Kylie, one of my favorite (and very first) friends. She and I spent like, every weekend between the ages of 6 and 12 at each other's houses. Here's why I love Kylie. First, she has an older sister named Tori, who she called: "Torlet." Second, when we were in sixth grade, she papered her entire room in New Kids On the Block posters so that no wall was left uncovered. She also owned every movie, magazine, and album featuring them, including the first one where Joey sings "Popsicle," and the one with "Tonight," which only superfans owned. Third, on said weekends we would always rent the same three movies: Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo. For like nine months in a row.
As you can imagine, we immediately had to make up dances after watching most of them. Just think about how much time in an adolescent girl's life is taken up by making up dances. And you always had to start out every dance with your back to the audience.

If you want to see the opening sequence for Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo, click here. It's definitely the most cliche opening sequence of all time considering how many close-ups of dancing feet there are and how many synthesizers are playing in the background.


Buff Tan Honky said...

I'm not sure if elementary school's still have talent shows, but if they do and they're anything like Black Diamond Elementary, they are comprised of 30% lip synch and 70% dance routines. I remember the girls practicing dances for months to a battered tape deck under the 'covered area.' This is a prominent memory because no one could play wall ball because they took up all the room. What is amazing is that despite the hours of practice, only about half of them were ever even remotely in time with each other when the big day arrived. On a side note, I once gave a karate demonstration at the talent show even though I didn't know any karate, I just jumped around kicking in a pair of pajamas that looked like a karate gi. It's memories like that that keep me humble.

caitlin said...

That is awesome. Just no real training, yet total karate demo. I would give anything to see a video of that. We just watched the episode of The Office where Dwight and Michael have a karate fight at Dwight's dojo; we were dying. Also just saw the episode with the fire and everyone is playing "Desert Island" and one of the top books Dwight would bring to a desert island included a Physician's Desk Reference......hollowed out and filled with iodine tablets and a NASA blanket.