Have you ever seen anything creepier than this?

I was covering the Beaumont Swap Meet for a website I'm writing for and first of all, that was exactly as glamourous as it sounds. Second, as I was leaving, I drove past THIS sight at what I think is a local dirt bike shop. Obviously I had to stop and take an in-depth pictorial of the scene. The first image is still the most arresting. I title it "Despair."

Next a close up of "The Leaner." Notice how the sadness of the little boy is amplified by the fact that I took the picture through a rusty chain link fence. Gross.

"Please, Papa - I'm so cold...(and tired of leaning at this intense angle in my life jacket?)"

Papa is helpless, hanging by his severely creepy Saw-like hook hands.

Then, I guess I just wanted an even closer shot of the hook hands and the sad eyes to make my nightmares that much more vivid.

Speaking of the sad eyes, apparently someone painstakingly applies false eyelashes to crash test dummies. Not sure if that's really necessary...

I think the best thing about seeing this craziness is that it happened the day after we went to Disneyland. I definitely feel like going to the Beaumont Swap Meet followed by seeing these two Uncanny Valley Apocalypse Survivors was like traveling to the polar opposite end of the spectrum. Sweet dreams everyone!