These Pants Are Hot. Literally.

How much do these pants look like what wrestlers wear to lose weight? You can tell the model is so pissed to even be photographed wearing them. How sweaty do you think she is in there?

Designer: Let me zee, ow can I make zee pants to flatter zee woman's bodee? First, I must taper zee leg. Zecond, I must enlarge zee crotch. Third, I must make zem so that no air can ezcape. 

I can't get enough of the last three shots. 


We were trying to figure out what movie to see the other day and Scott was like, "What's that movie called? 'I Don't Really Like You?'" I thought it was so funny.


World's Creepiest Teddy Bear

I was researching an article on creepy Valentine's Day presents and I stumbled across this teddy bear. How scary are its eyes? How uncomfortable do I feel looking at its shoes? Is it haunted?

Grasp The Skull Gauntlet's Power!

Steve is Ricky Martin

The picture quality may not be great, but the message is clear. Steve is Ricky Martin. In order to prove this, I've superimposed a picture of Ricky onto Steve's face and the features are so uncanny, you may not even notice a difference. The photography is WSU circa 1999 made evident by the presence of the Busch Light can in Steve's hand and the unmistakable visage of Charlie in the lower right hand corner.

You be the judge.