Air sounds fucking awesome

Oh my gosh, every time I see this commercial - clearly targeted at teenage girls, who are way too smart for it - I cringe. Where do I even start.

First of all, "It doesn't filter out an idea"... "because I'm 16"..." and not 30." I'm sorry...did you think the world favored 30-year-olds? I mean, this is a commercial full of 16-year-old girls. Do you think the titans of technology are out their dying to know what a 30-year-old needs in their life? No! They're trying to figure out how to design a more alluring M.A.S.H. app for your iPhone. Do you think air gives a shit about me? With my crow's feet and my one piece bathing suit? Please. Air wants to look at you!

And this part..."and wouldn't care if it knew!" Wow. Air sounds so cool. I mean, once, I asked Air to Tolo, and Air totally didn't know about my scoliosis, but then - right when we were about to slow dance, Air felt my back brace through my dress, and Air totally didn't care! Is Air Justin Bieber?

I feel like I'm going to look over, and Air will be wearing the "Love See No Colour" T-shirt I wore in 8th grade, with sunglasses, just making a heart with its hands like Taylor Swift does.

Real 16-year-old girls do have amazing ideas and as a teacher, I believe fiercely that their voices should be valued. I just feel like their voices would immediately join me in making fun of this commercial which so clearly patronizes them. Young people and their omni-texting are often victims of the crazily expensive rates cell phone companies charge for air, and the fact that one of them is trying to glorify this at times exploitive business by masquerading as some sort of inspirational call to action is just so ridiculous.

And while yes, Air can be pretty cool sometimes (kites, breathing, that parachute game in elementary school P.E.); it also makes tornadoes.