Cocoa Huffs?

This is a chocolate inhaler. You heard me right. You just breathe it in, like you have some sort of strange and delicious ashtma, and then your tastebuds are flooded with the smooth, rich taste of chocolate. It's called Le Whif. Check out their official website here.

I loved this quote from the site reading, "Edwards says inhaled chocolate is just the beginning. New culinary innovations that involve eating by breathing are being developed by the Foodlab at Le Laboratoire, Edwards' art and science innovation center in central Paris." Eating by breathing? Just the beginning? Do we even want this to begin? Is breathing food as opposed to chewing it some sort of improvement? I don't know if  a turkey sandwich cloud is going to be as cool as the real deal.

How badly do I want to go the Foodlab though? Will Willy Wonka be inside it? Will I get to float on a chocolate river or what? Obviously the answer is yes. 

Breathing in your food in is so futuristic. It seems like there are always two conceptions when it comes to the food of the future. Either you push a button on a machine, and out pops whatever you want. PB and J? Done. IN-N-OUT burger? Done. It's there in that little door like an automat and genie all in one. The other futuristic food conception is always just, "your food needs are met with this pill." But, think about it. Why would that even be cool? How is turning a sweet, Thanksgiving dinner into a freaking Tylenol PM cool in any way? What is the benefit?

I sort of wonder if eating by breathing is going to catch on. Some chefs actually will create a dish that comes with like, a balloon you pop, and it's full of like, I don't know oyster vapor or something, and it enhances your eating experience. You never know. 

When is someone going to just bake our heads into a pizza and let us eat our way out of it? Wasn't that an episode of The Simpsons? It was like a stuffed crust thing? What about how Scott is promoting pizzas with such a crust. Check it out.