Thought Provoking

My students brought up some profound ideas recently:

"You know how when people say, 'The sprinklers went off,' or, 'The alarm went off'? Well, they really went ON."

That is so true!

"Who do you think would win in a fight between a dinosaur and an animal from the future?"

That last one totally haunts me. Who WOULD win? I guess whatever evolved animals exist in the future already won, in a way, but still.

Speaking of dinosaurs (some of you may have already heard this story), here's a conversation I had recently with kid who is like six.

Me: Hey, what's new?

Student: Not much.

Me: Oh yeah?

Student: I did get a new quad though!

Me: Wow! Cool! That's like a four-wheeler right?

Student: Yeah. Like a dinosaur.

Me: Hmmmm... Like a dinosaur?

Student: Yeah. Quadraped. It has four wheels. Like a quadraped has four legs.

Me: Ah...I see. Similar.

I love that way of thinking. I kind of think that if I were to examine an average six-year-old's brain (not to be demeaning, I mean this would be myself at that age included), it might look something like this:

What do you speculate the other sections to be labeled?

Also, if you like dinosaurs, this site cracks me up. Check out their T-shirts.


Guess this list's title.

1.) Drakkar Noir

2.) Intricately folded notes

3.) Caboodles (props to Mary for the reminder)

4.) Hypercolor sweatshirts - the armpits glowing pink with the complicated heat reaction

5.) Moccasins

6.) Starter jackets

7.) Sevvies

Once you know the theme, feel free to add. It's already so cringeworthy, let's just max it out.

Some of my favorite kid quotes from this week:

(Wistfully) "Just once, I want to get a puppy in a box. "

"Did you know that in the future, there will be octopuses that go on land? And jellyfish with spiders on them that come out and jump on predators?"

"My head hurts after learning."

Best Drawing Ever

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