I think I'm just going to start dressing like Day to Night Barbie for job interviews. The whole ensemble is just so, I don't know - professional. Especially the large white hat. I love the part where Barbie is "using the computer," but really, she's just briefly karate chopping the right side of the keyboard while an '80s computer sound blee bloops in the background.

At first I thought this Barbie was just "Home and Office Barbie," but then I remembered, no, she's "Day to Night Barbie"! The whole outfit is designed so that she can go out with Ken after work! Having owned one of these dolls, I searched my memory and was like, "Didn't that skirt reverse into evening wear?"

I was so happy when this commercial confirmed it. Just think about enduring an entire day at work with scratchy pink tulle smashed under your pencil skirt. It's just ravaging your legs but you don't care, "Ignore...netburn....must dance with Ken..." Like how hard it would it be to just keep an extra dress in your office? Is Ken coming like, five seconds after you clock out? He can't wait while you change? It's just way more convenient to wear reversible clothing? I love Barbie.


Maximillion said...

Did they ever release a Hangover Barbie? ♪♪ "That malt liquor tasted better going down / Right Barbie?" ♪♪