Thought Provoking

My students brought up some profound ideas recently:

"You know how when people say, 'The sprinklers went off,' or, 'The alarm went off'? Well, they really went ON."

That is so true!

"Who do you think would win in a fight between a dinosaur and an animal from the future?"

That last one totally haunts me. Who WOULD win? I guess whatever evolved animals exist in the future already won, in a way, but still.

Speaking of dinosaurs (some of you may have already heard this story), here's a conversation I had recently with kid who is like six.

Me: Hey, what's new?

Student: Not much.

Me: Oh yeah?

Student: I did get a new quad though!

Me: Wow! Cool! That's like a four-wheeler right?

Student: Yeah. Like a dinosaur.

Me: Hmmmm... Like a dinosaur?

Student: Yeah. Quadraped. It has four wheels. Like a quadraped has four legs.

Me: Ah...I see. Similar.

I love that way of thinking. I kind of think that if I were to examine an average six-year-old's brain (not to be demeaning, I mean this would be myself at that age included), it might look something like this:

What do you speculate the other sections to be labeled?

Also, if you like dinosaurs, this site cracks me up. Check out their T-shirts.


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Flying foil kites behind a 4-wheeler.


mjd said...

A portion of the brain would definitely dedicated to, "What could I sell on the street corner (this is a suburb kid) to raise enough money for....."
examples of purchase ideas: ice cream from the ice cream truck, the latest and greatest Big Wheel, million dollar tree fort, new big brother.
example of sale items: lemonade, knick-knacks acquired from fairs/school carnivals, stuff jacked from siblings rooms, homemade dream catchers, younger siblings.

Buff Tan Honky said...

My brain had sections labeled 'sticks that look like guns,' 'army stuff,' and 'thrashing sticker bushes with cody coles.'

caitlin said...

Oh my gosh, Rachel - we loved your 4-wheeler! Do you remember letting your brother pull us around the fields in a sled behind it? No snow. Or when one of us would cover the other one's eyes and tell them when to turn? Safe. Homemade dreamcatchers are hilarious! As are sticks that look like guns. So essential. Also - how important was candy? I remember sorting my Halloween candy and like, itemizing into a database.

caitlin said...

I forgot about freeze tag.