Be Good Room

Okay, those of you that use the "predictive text" feature while texting have probably been frustrated or confused from time to time while trying to communicate. I hate how it won't recognize words like "crap." Like it's just too proper and you're kind of shady to even know a word like that. Takes me back to the Speak 'n Spell days where you would try to get it to swear and it would just say, "WORD NOT FOUND" in that devil voice.

In any case, I always think about the real live people who have to program the words based on what I assume is letter combination logic and frequency of use order. I think about the tough choices they have to make. Like, will people text "book" or "cool" more often?

I often get cryptic messages from Scott like: "Be good room" which really means, "Be home soon." I assume that at some point, someone will notice that people use the latter phrase more frequently and adjust future programs accordingly. Likewise, as the culture changes, the programmers will surely add new and topical words to the dictionaries. Occasionally I will try to use a word and find myself dumbfounded that it was not yet included in the lexicon (texticon?). Then, I'm even more dumbfounded by the alternative words suggested. Case in point: I tried to text the phrase "Later skater!" to my cousin and here are the words (in order) that they suggested instead of "skater"






I was like, "Slaver? Are you kidding me?" Seriously. Like that's the word I wanted to use.

It's perplexing. I feel as though "skater" is a pretty solid, well-known term deeply embedded in our language. It's not like one of those words that makes me feel old like, "Screamo." Certainly it's used more often than "slates" in conversation. I mean, what are slates? Aren't those what kids like Anne of Green Gables brought to their one-room schoolhouse with their books all tied up in those weird little book belts?

In any case, I don't blame the programmers. How could you possibly keep up with our ever-evolving lingo? I added "skater" to my personal dictionary (a feature the texting folks were smart to include) and now I just to have to enter in all those swear words.

Later plates!


Buff Tan Honky said...

One of my favorite scenes from gleaming the cube is when slater tries to question the mexican maid at the hotel where his brother was killed. I love the look of shock on his face when the maid gets angry after he calls the asian suicide victim his brother, as if she was supposed to make the connection that the dead kid was adopted. Another great scene my sister and I used to rewind over and over was when detective lucero is in the car chase with the asian arms dealer and makes this wierd egg sucking face when his car spins out. Take a look, you'll love it.

mjd said...

Whenever I see or hear about Christian Slater I think about when he was a guest with the announcers on Monday Night Football last season during a Seahawks game. The man wouldn't shut up. What the hell does Christian Slater have to do with MNF??