Do not go on the swings.

My brother just told me about this news story. Apparently it was a combination of decomposing beauty bark and high temperatures, but how terrifying is it? Maybe that playground was built on an ancient burial ground, like the Yella Beak seems to be. Those kids better watch out; a spontaneous pea gravel tornado could kick up at anytime after renovations are complete - and pea gravel stings, especially when it's in whirlwind form .

Speaking of stinging and playgrounds on fire- what about this? I love whoever documented this event. Well done.


Buff Tan Honky said...

I love that idiot they interview- 'they need to run away and not to get too close to any fires.' Brilliant. My own brush with spontaneous combustion came when I was about eight and our wood pile caught on fire for no reason one day. I happened to be standing about ten feet away trying to smash a gartner snake with a stick when I heard a crackling sound and looked over to see smoke pouring out of the middle of the heap. My dad blamed it on indians, but I'm still not too sure.

mjd said...

When I was six I was stung in the back of my leg by a bee while on the swing-set at my friends house. The bee was still stuck to my leg as I ran to my friends mom for help. Apparently, she didn't like bees (Really, who does?) and told me to hold still while she swung at it (i.e. my leg) with a racquetball racquet. To this day, I'm not a big fan of bees or that mom(I also broke my head open three different times in her front yard, but thats a story for another day.); racquetball is cool though.