A Guy In a Prius Wanted to Fight Me

Sorry it's been awhile; I have been on the road for the last two weeks, tutoring in Rancho Santa Fe, Tahoe and Napa. While in Rancho Santa Fe, I had to drive one of the family vehicles: the Hummer. Let me tell you what that's like. First of all, it is so huge (I know, duh), but, it is so huge, that when I leaned forward to adjust the rear view mirror, arm outstretched as far as it would go, I couldn't reach the rear view. It was like, a good nine feet in front of me. I was like, "That's really convenient." That's how huge this car is. So, then I started noticing that everywhere I went, people would glare at me. Seriously! I parked at a Starbucks and passersby were like, mean-mugging me the whole time! It was even worse when I walked out of Starbucks with a disposable, paper latte cup. I might as well have been just dumping oil all over an otter. I felt terrible! Anyone that knows me, knows it was torture for me to drive anything that gnarly towards the environment. Scott and I found that only one kind of person lights up when they see you pull up in a Hummer: the guy at the gas station. Cha-ching. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll write more soon!


Anonymous said...

Where are you???

caitlin said...

I am back in the desert! La Quinta.