You know what I've discovered? Being a kid involves a lot of unselfconcious singing. My students sing all day long. Just nonsense songs. Not embarrassed at all. There must be a small window of time when life is like this. I love working with my students, though. They are so smart and so funny. Here are some of my favorite conversations to date:

Student: Caitlin?

Me: Yes?

Student: You know when you see a like, a human skeleton?

Me: Uh huh.

Student: Well, don't you think sometimes it looks like the heart is in a jail?

Like the ribcage is the jail. How cute is that? Here's another one. Picture just driving two kids, quietly reading in the back seat with their two brand-new stuffed polar bears by their sides. Everyone's been mute for like twenty minutes when this happens:

Student: Caitlin?

Me: Yes?

Student (sadly lifting up her bear for me to see): My guy has diabetes.

I was like, how do I even react to that? Then, she and her brother just threw their polar bears back and forth as fast as they could while singing "Viva Las Vegas." I loved it.

My favorite though was when one student was reading a complicated history lesson online, and I kept asking her stuff like, "Okay, so what does it say about how George Washington wanted to be addressed," and she would just peer at the text and turn to me with the answer and then finally, at the very end, she just squinted really hard at the screen and pointed with her finger and said "Oh wait... it says one... more... 'Caitlin... is.... a fatty!'" and then she just looked at me and cracked up for like an hour. I was like, "Real funny kid, real funny."


ken stormtower said...

When I was growing up I couldn't go anywhere with my dad without him changing the lyrics of the music we were listening to into wierd incoherent jokes. I do the same thing now, compulsively. It bothers everyone around me as much as my dad used to bug me. I love it though.

caitlin said...

Totally. These kids love to inject their their own lyrics to the song playing on the radio, and the improvised lyrics are often about why someone is "so wierd," in order to bug said person.