What if the Only CDs you Were Allowed to Listen to Were Those you Selected From BMG/Columbia House's 12 CDs for a Penny Deal in 1994?

Sure, at first twelve CDs for one penny sounds like a great idea, but what if part of the deal was you could ONLY listen to those 12 albums until the end of time? How would you fare?

My List

1.) Steve Miller Band's Greatest Hits - Okay, not bad. So far, so good.

2.) Van Morrison's Greatest Hits - Again, not bad, I still like Van Morrison.

3.) Soul Asylum, Grave Dancer's Union - Uh oh. I can't name one other song on this album besides "Runaway Train." Also, the first clue that the BMG/Columbia House deal coincided with the year my parents finally let us get MTV.

5.) Blind Melon - Feeling better, I like "No Rain" and "Change." I am totally going to read your mind right now. Are you picturing this?

6.) Ice Cube, The Predator - Featuring "Today Was a Good Day." Okay, you have to read these lyrics. Then, picture me, as a 13-year-old white girl, growing up in a woodsy dairy town and listening to this song. I wonder if I was the fan base member Ice Cube pictured when he wrote this song? Just picture him, like, wisely looking up at a thought bubble and it's just my 8th grade ASB card picture. Doubtful.

7.) Bon Jovi, Cross Road - Scott called me Bon Jovi for like six months after I got a (totally sweet) haircut in 2002. The earth is Bon Jovi's bed.

4.) Salt 'N Pepa, Very Necessary - Canna get some fries with that shake-shake booty? If looks could kill you would be an uzi, or a shotgun - bang! What's up with that thang? I wanna know, how does it hang? Ask me one thing I remember from my 8th grade Oceanography class and my brain retrieves nothing. All that comes to mind is Osher flexing, I'll admit, impressively. Yet, I can still remember all the lyrics to "Shoop."Why does my brain make these choices?

8.) Porno for Pyros - This one had "Pets" on it, you know "We'll make great pets, we will make great pets ..." MTV totally suckered me into purchasing this. Why do I feel like I spent an entire summer watching Beavis and Butthead and this video? And going to the King County Fair? And tucking my shirt in in the front, and yet untucking it in the back?

9.) Candlebox - I still totally love this album.

10.) Stone Temple Pilots, Core - I just realized Steve may have actually purchased these CDs and I just stole them. Sorry. I also borrowed your Sir Mix-A-Lot tape.

11.) The Bodyguard Soundtrack - You mother effer. Get off the desert island now.

12.) The Angus Soundtrack - okay, I didn't really buy this one...until my sophomore year of college! And then I got totally ripped up for it by my housemates. But, it had that "Goodbye, lay the blame on luck," song by Love Spit Love, with a special marching band sample! I felt like I had to get it, despite facing scathing ridicule, come to think of it, much like Angus himself faced in the film.

So, pros and cons. Kind of eye opening in the sense that my music taste has not changed much since 1994 while Ice Cube has changed significantly.


SoccerGal said...

AWESOME Our lists are pretty similar - replace #6 Ice Cube with Beastie Boys - replace #7 Bon Jovi with Aerosmith (I had already stole my brothers Bon Jovi cassette tape from him and waited until the parents broke down and purchased the same tape for him for Xmas until I took it out of hiding (sorry Mike) - replace #11 Bodyguard Soundtrack with Footloose (today I can name one song on that CD: Footloose)- Finally, replace #12 Angus Soundtrack with any of the two Spin Doctors albums (did they have more? Hopefully not.) To this day, every 23rd or 40th time someone asks me what time it is, I tell them that it is 4:30. If I could add a 13th it would be Nirvana (any of them) they will never go out of style for me

whitney said...

I always thought the big seasoning (Salt? Peppa? I think it's Peppa) looked like a man. And not like a good drag queen. Like a bad drag queen.

caitlin said...

Aerosmith, Beasties, and Spin Doctors! Nice! Did you ever see the Sarah Silverman Show where that guy discovers that the iPod his buddy has been listening to for the last two years is ONLY programmed with "Two Princes"? The thought, like blows his mind so badly, he can't even handle it. Whit - have you seen those old videos like "Whatta Man?" So entertaining for the clothes alone. You know what I did the other day that totally reminded me of your sister teaching us her moves? The Roger Rabbit. I did at the grocery store to that song, "Strike it Up." She was the best dance teacher.