Listening to this song took me back and almost made me forget the economy is plummeting into the fires of Mordor.


SoccerGal said...

This song was so much better when I was in second grade - I can't listen to it now!

Maximillion said...

A few thoughts on this:

Why didn't the government cryogenically freeze Tiffany and put her in a time capsule immediately following this video? They had to know she wouldn't serve any further purpose other than serving as a future ambassador to 80s pop culture.

Wouldn't those mall concerts actually be kind of boring? The crowd is on their feet clapping like they're watching James Brown in his prime at the Apollo, when they're actually watching an awkward 16 year old singing over cheap synthesizer drums next to a Cinnabon.

She's not very pretty, is she? How badly do you think her producers wanted to pull a Milli Vanilli on her, maybe put Brooke Shields' face on her record?

eleanar said...

tiffany was actually my very first live concert... it was 1990 i believe. lol

caitlin said...

That just reminded me that my dad took Steve and his friend to a Def Leppard concert in junior high. I also just watched Rock Star the other day and remembered how for like, two weeks after we watched that movie, Scott and I would just come up to each other and yell, "STAND UP AND SHOOOOOOUUUT!"