Inaugural (I-blog-ural?) Post

Check out this drawing of me, courtesy of one of my fourth-graders. Note the flattering diamond- shaped face and kind eyes. This kid obviously has a deep, abiding respect for his teacher. Not quite sure if it is some sort of llama or what, but either way, I like it!

Kids are so funny. I gave one second-grader an assignment where he had to compare and contrast something living and something nonliving. I turned around to help another student, and when I had turned back around, he had drawn a Venn Diagram with the words, "Buddy vs. Bluddy Mary" at the top. Buddy is his trusty dog and "Bluddy Mary" is the urban legend that has been terrrifying his best friend and him for months. They heard the story somewhere and I guess neither of them has been able to sleep for weeks. Poor little guys!

I told him not to be scared of that nonsense because it's not real and to try to think of perhaps something else to compare and contrast.

Him: Like a lizard?

Me: Good! Now compare it with something that's nonliving.

Him: Like a dragon.

Me: Well...close. Not exactly something imaginary, but more like something that's not alive.

Him: Like a dinosaur!

He finally settled on lizard vs. tree, which (while trees are living) was close enough for me since they get their energy so differently.

Incidentally, I kind of wanted to complete that Venn Diagram.