Best Friends

Wow. I love stories like this! There is an article here, too, in case you can't watch the clip.

Also, I went ahead and included a picture of my new BFF! Check it out.

I know, we're an unlikely pair, but somehow we make it work! BFF 4-EVA!


SoccerGal said...

So ... um.... how did they figure that the two would get along in the first place? My guess is that the hamster was supposed to be dinner one night and the snake decided to wait until the hamster wasn't expecting an attack.
Well, I'm off to the pet store to purchase a lion, or a bear...Jenkins needs a BFF.

Rachel said...

Caitlin, no offense to your new BFF, but that sandwich looks disgusting. As one of your former BFFs, I think you can do better.

caitlin said...

It is a little grody. Plus, I keep wondering - who had to pose this sandwich and then take a picture of it?

DragonTeaser said...

Awwww,this reminds me of my old best friend,accept a little smaller.And less hair.and my friend was white,or Asian.We would stay up for hours,talking at night.Well it was more like a few minutes and we were in Alaska,so it FELT like night.Anyway I miss my best friend.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was totally expecting that hamster to stuff that snake right into his mouth.You just never know.