Cursive is Incredibly Useful

My youngest student has to write five cursive sentences a day, because, as we all know, the third grade decree clearly states - "Learn Cursive or Die." Plus, cursive is a super-essential skill and if you can't execute it with some aplomb, you're pretty much going to get fired from any job immediately. Yeah right! I never use cursive! What is it even for? Signatures? Embroidering names on jackets? I actually heard it was developed so the writer wouldn't have to lift his or her hand from the page as often - economy of movement so to speak. Fantastic. Thank you for those eight seconds a year I get back. Might've been nice to have the fifty hours I spent learning cursive back instead. No offense to any of my teachers; I appreciate their instruction. Plus, I can't complain too much since I continue to teach it as well. The tradition lives on. In any case, all of her sentences have to do with my little daschund, Cooper. She decided to include a portrait of Cooper at the bottom, dressed up as "The Cookie King," not to be confused with "The Boom King." It's kind of hard to see, but he's saying "My cookies!" She gave me permission to post her work on the blog after we studied Cooper's portrait a little more carefully and then both burst out laughing.


SoccerGal said...

LOL! I had no idea that Cooper had 6 legs, last time I saw he had four. Perhaps those cookies are radioactive.

Wes Moran Is Fat said...

I lowe Cooper too!

Rachel said...

The day after I read this post I was picking up assignments from my students' desks. I asked Curtis (whose writing looks like a million pieces of lead just fell from the sky and landed on his paper) about his handwriting.

Me: "Curtis, what did your elementary school teachers have to say about your handwriting?"

Him: "Ughh" .....big sigh.... "Well".....frustrated huff....."Nobody ever taught me cursive!"

Poor child.

caitlin said...

I love that description of the lead pieces falling from the sky. Do you know who would win a handwriting contest? Sara. I love her handwriting.